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The Rules

Our goal is to provide a quality service to our subscribers (our audience) and our advertisers. Our advertisers want to reach a quality audience and a quality audience want to see quality content, not the continually repeated and cross posted ads they find on the traditional big ‘job boards’. This is why we manually up-load every job ad on our site, so we can be sure our audience receive fresh and relevant job ads – quality content.

Unfortunately this means we sometimes have to reject job ads which we do not feel will be appreciated by our audience.

To help manage the expectation of our advertisers we have put together this small but important list of ‘rules’ which apply to advertisements submitted to our site;

  • No cross posting ads in multiple locations - ads are posted only in the location where the job is. This means a Sydney job will not be posted under 'Melbourne'.
  • Only Planning related positions are accepted - (i.e Town/Urban, Strategic, Consents, Land Use, Environmental, Traffic, Transport, Social, Economic).
  • No 'Draw' ads - this means adverts which are designed to 'draw' in a large selection of candidates but don't actually list a specific job or discipline or a specific client.
  • No "Shopping list" ads - our web site and email bulletins are designed to use the job title as the title of the advertisement. If you wish to advertise two or more different jobs, we ask that you send them as separate advertisements.
  • No repeated ads in consecutive weeks* - even of you do re-post an ad in the third week we recommend you re-write it if it didn't work the first time.

    *The exception to this is where the job has changed materially (in our opinion), such as a change in job title, salary & conditions, location or responsibilities.

Advert Size
We ask that you restrict advert size to approx 250 words. We reserve the right to ask you to split adverts that are above 250 words and include multiple positions.

We dislike rules as much as the next person, but we believe these rules are ultimately in the best interests of both our audience and our advertisers.

NB: Regardless of the conditions set out above, we reserve the right to refuse publication of any advertisement if we consider it to be inappropriate.