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Advertising Guarantee

We now offer employers the opportunity to have a job advert re-published a second time free of charge if the position remains un-filled.

We know employment advertising is very “hit & miss”. There are a multitude of reasons why a job advertisement fails to attract the right people and many of the reasons are completely outside your control as an employer.

If your advert with us does not attract the person you need, we don’t want to take advantage of your misfortune by charging you to publish the ad again, so we’re offering you an opportunity to run the ad again if you need to, free of charge.

Conditions that apply to this offer;

The request to re-publish an advert free of charge must be made no more than two months after the date on which the advertisement was originally published by us and the invoice for the original advertisement must have been paid.

The advertisement may be modified, except for the following;

  • the job title/advertisement title must remain "materially" the same as the original advertisement (you can't use it to advertise a different job)
  • the location must remain the same 
  • the employment type (permanent or temp/contract) must remain the same

We reserve the right to reject a request for a free advertisement where it appears to us that the advertisement is for a different position to that originally advertised.

The Advertising Guarantee is not available to recruitment companies.

Please Note: We do not guarantee the effectiveness of any advertisement. Our Advertising Guarantee is intended to allow you to re-advertise a position at no additional cost, if the original advertisement has been unsuccessful.